MCC Business Consultancy was founded in 2018 with 1 clear mission to deliver affordable, professional consultancy to all. Consultancy can often be seen to be only a luxury for large or corporate clients with money to burn or when a company is in financial trouble but that does not have to be the case.

After 11 years in the software industry Sharon McCormack could see a range of common issues across the clients she worked with on Software Implementations and this drove her to check out what services were available  She was surprised to find that either support was too expensive or the options were limited to specialist areas like financial, branding or marketing support & advice.

Sharon decided she wanted to offer a multiple solution one stop shop which could be affordable and available to all so MCC Business Consultancy was born.

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With over 11 years in the Software Industry we have developed a range of services that we offer to clients and other Software providers.

  • Pre Sale Support & Scoping

  • Project Management from point of sale to go live

  • Software Implementation Troubleshooting

  • Advice on how to embed software into a business

  • Dealing with Change Management

  • Software Implementation Frameworks



With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to manage your project efficiently, effectively and within a recognised framework.  

We have worked on a varied range of projects so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project more.

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Do you rely solely on paper in your business but want to grow?

If so then we can assist you in taking a leap into software.  We will help you scope what your business needs now and long term, support you during procurement and maintain support while you go live.

Do you have multiple software packages ?

You could probably benefit from a software review.   We will analyse what you have, discuss your long term plans, report back on possible solutions to meet all of your requirements and support you during the required changes. 



Do you want to grow your business but not sure where to start?

Keen for more family time but cant seem to step away from the business?

Does this sound familiar, then speak to us today about a company review.  We will analyse your business model, structure, software, culture and growth potential and report back on a range of solutions to help you move forward.

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